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"More than just a training institution, it’s your future’s foundation"

Fine International Training and Assessment Center, Inc. is a government recognized training institution founded in April 08, 2002 to provide training and quench the thirst for knowledge of Filipinos who aspire to be more effective and efficient in the field of foreign language. It is a service-oriented Filipino-owned company duly managed by competent and experience group of officers and administrator who, after having made several travels and studies abroad, are very much well-versed, accustomed and familiar with the different cultures, traditions and ways of living of different countries.














Choose your destination Practically anywhere in the world!



Fine International Training Center, Inc. is excellent training ground manned by competent instructors who have first-hand work experience abroad to facilitate a more effective way of transfer of knowledge.


Our training course has two schemes:


Three [3] months intensive training program specialized in educating workers bound to SPAIN.


Two [2] weeks intensive training program specialized in educating workers bound to Korea, Israel, Middle East, Honking and Cyprus.

Our focus and prime concern is the proper impartation of Foreign Language, to eradicate miscommunication and to pave productivity and effectiveness to all aspirants.

Expert consultant in each field of specialization is ever present to guide and to continuously determine the extent of knowledge acquired by the trainees.

To empower our future domestic helper and caregivers with the proper knowledge, skills and attitude and to further enhance their capacities and capabilities to become globally-competitive in the field of domestic administration, our institution has organized four important factors of imparting proper knowledge.

BASIC LANGUAGE - The trainees will be familiarized and taught with the language being used in their country of destination so as to enhance clarity in communication. Trainees are taught Basic Spanish, words, sentence construction, translation
and performing dialogues.
MODERN HOUSEKEEPING TECHNIQUE - The training program is devise to teach the trainees especially the proper use, function, electric mechanism and maintenance of complex and sophisticated household equipments.

BASIC COOKING - The training program is intended to impart knowledge to the trainees with use, function and the proper maintenance of the kitchen utensils. The trainees will have a hands-on training in preparing and cooking a variety of Spanish International Menu.

BASIC CAREGIVING - This involves the promotion of basic knowledge regarding taking of vital signs – temperature, pulse rate, respiration and blood pressure. This also entails the dissemination of information about childcare, care for the elderly. Special

focus is being rendered to the proper care of child; proper way of bathing, bottle feeding and the likes.

Our training center had Eight [8] rooms equipped with modern facilities and training equipments. It is very much adequate to accommodate huge numbers of trainees being sent in by satisfied Philippine Recruitment Agencies and patronized by our accredited foreign principals. The training center radiates with educational atmosphere and a homey environment perfect to ensure safety and security of trainees.



At present our training center has affiliated with Two [2] top performer Philippine Manpower Recruitment Agencies to safeguard the future employment of all our trainees, and to give assurance to our trainees future employer the immediate facilitation and fast deployment of hired workers.

We are inviting foreign employer’s to try to employ Filipino Caregiver under the umbrella of our institutions; we can truly vouch our Caregiver Trainees has the extreme potentials to satisfy your entire household management.